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Why Do OTC Ovarian Testing?

Fertility declines with age. After the age of 35, the rate of fertility decline accelerated significantly, and after the age of 40, it declined in a straight line. To assess whether their ovaries still have fertility conditions, OTC ovulation testing can be done.

Why do OTC ovulation test?

Women with poor ovarian function will experience abdominal pain, menstrual disorders, and pain in the course of sexual affairs. Symptoms of poor ovarian function may include increased body hair, abnormal urination, vaginal bleeding and other symptoms. If the patients with poor ovarian function are not treated in time, the disease will continue to worsen. Some people with ovarian dysfunction have premature symptoms of menopausal syndrome. It causes uterine atrophy, osteoporosis and premature aging, which seriously affects the life of couples. Some women suffer from infertility because of poor ovarian function.

The ovary has two main functions, one is ovulation, to complete reproductive function; the other is endocrine, which determines menstrual status and maintains female characteristics. Therefore, if there are abnormal menstruation, rare menstruation, less menstruation, amenorrhea, or hot flashes, upset and other symptoms, this is often a sign of premature ovarian failure. At this time, OTC ovulation testing should be done and doctors should be consulted in time.
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